Zhaoyi Song

Zhaoyi Song Chao i Sung

Master’s Student in Software Engineering

Tongji University

Zhaoyi Song 宋昭亦

I am currently a master’s student at Tongji University, working under the supervision of Prof. Rongqing Zhang. Prior to this, I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from the same institute in 2021.

My research has been centered on operations research for efficient warehousing, specifically focusing on the multi-agent pathfinding problem and the warehouse order picking problem. I aim to develop adaptive algorithms that can learn from their environment, thereby creating intelligent systems that enhance decision-making and problem-solving capabilities.

Looking ahead, I am eager to seek opportunities that allow me to build innovative solutions that both excite me and make a significant impact on people’s lives.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Multi-Agent Systems
  • M.Eng. in Software Engineering, 2024

    Tongji University

  • B.Eng. in Software Engineering, 2021

    Tongji University


Meituan, In-Store Business Group
SDE Intern
June 2023 – September 2023 Shanghai

Trained as a software engineer at Meituan.com, China’s premier food delivery and local service platform, responsible for maintaining merchant details for millions of businesses and handling transaction models. Responsibilities include:

  • Refactored interfaces to align with changes in upstream and downstream platforms.
  • Periodically executed Hive SQL to ensure data consistency across various BUs.
  • Employed message queues and thread pools for traffic peak shaving.
  • Crafted tools for batch settlement data manipulation, facilitating change tracking.
ByteDance, Inc., Nuverse Games
SDE Intern
November 2020 – September 2021 Shanghai

Contributed to the DevOps and quality assurance of Game Software Development Kit (GSDK), offering a comprehensive suite of development tools for Unity/Unreal Engine game developers to seamlessly access core game development functionalities. Responsibilities include:

  • Pioneered a non-invasive automation testing tool for mobile apps.
  • Built CI/CD pipeline for GSDK Windows version with Jenkins.
  • Crafted illustrative code samples and developed a demo mobile app to showcase SDK features, typical use-case scenarios, and best practices.

Recent Publications

(2020). Image change detection with only a few samples. arXiv preprints.

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Panorama Stitching

A multiple image panorama stitching app built using streamlit. Implementations of stitching algorithms include:

  • OpenCV Stitcher API: A wrapper class for stitching functionality in OpenCV.
  • OpenCV Advanced API: Some more advanced stitching APIs (such as SeamFinder) allowing for more control.
  • Self-implemented: A stitching pipeline including illumination compensation, best seam and blending.
Panorama Stitching
A Large Linear System Solver
GPU-accelerated algorithms for solving large sparse linear algebraic equations using C++, implementing Jacobi Method, Gauss—Seidel Method, Successive Over-Relaxation (SOR) Method, and Conjugate Gradient Method.
A Large Linear System Solver
A tiny software rasterizer implemented in C++ for learning purposes, following the TinyRenderer tutorials.
Mobile todoMVC
Implementation of a mobile todo list application using HTML/CSS and vanilla JavaScript.
Mobile todoMVC
War Force - Dungeon
A roguelike action RPG game that imitates Binding of Isaac - Rebirth, featuring a top-down dungeon crawler where players control a character who utilizes ranged attacks, melee strikes, and bombs to eliminate enemies.
War Force - Dungeon
Endless Runner - Border Escape
A 3D Somatosensory Game based on Unity 3D and Kinect 2.0. Different types of input devices are supported to enhance the game experience, including Kinect, Keyboard, and Mouse.
Endless Runner - Border Escape
A real-time strategy game that imitates Command and Conquer developed using C++ programming language and Cocos-2dx framework.



I am currently working at Tongji University, Jiading Campus, Shanghai, P.R. China.