Building Construction Animation


Our-Red-Alert is a real-time strategy (RTS) game that supports battles of up to four players, offering local area network (LAN) connectivity for engaging multiplayer face-offs. In-game, players must harness resources continuously generated by their base and various structures to produce combat units. The ultimate victory lies in demolishing the enemy’s base while ensuring your own remains unscathed.

Game System Requirements:

  • Operating Platform: Windows
  • Minimum Disk Space Required: 100 MB

Supported Game Operations

Click Main BaseSummon construction menu
Click BarracksSummon production menu for dogs and soldiers
Click War FactorySummon production menu for tanks and fighters
Mouse to Screen EdgeMove the map when within 10 ~ 40 pixels from the edge, speed doubles at 0 ~ 10 pixels
Click Mini-mapMap moves to the corresponding location
Click on a building in the construction menuThen click within a valid area of the main base to construct the building
Click on a unit in the production menuProduce the unit in the corresponding building
Click (box select) units then click an empty areaUnits will move to that location (if the spot is in an immovable area, they will move as close as possible)
Click (box select) units then click an enemy unitUnits will approach the enemy unit and attack, if not attackable, they will only approach
Click the chat box’s InputBar, type a single line of text, then click any empty space on the game map, and hit the Enter keySend a message visible to all players
Press the Blank Space keyReturn to main base
Press Up, Down, Left, Right keysMove the map up, down, left, right, respectively

Attributes of Various Combat Units

Unit NameTraitAttack PowerAttack IntervalHealthMobilityAttack RangeConstruction DurationConstruction Cost
War DogAttacks only soldiers, kills in one hit5215121
SoldierBalanced attributes3133332
TankHigh durability, powerful firepower55104585
PlaneHigh mobility, extremely destructive8571051010

Game Loading Methods

Server Port Launch Instructions

  1. Extract the compressed package to your hard drive.
  2. Open RedAlert.exe and click the Start Game button.
  3. Click Create Game to enter the Server interface.
  4. Select a map to serve as the game map (default is LostCity as the main game map).
  5. Click Start Server to create the game server.
  6. Wait for Client players to join until the number of connections displayed on the right reaches 2 or more.
  7. Click Start Game to enter the game environment.


Client Port Launch Instructions

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 of the Server Port Launch Instructions.
  2. Click Join Game to enter the list of rooms.
  3. Enter the server’s IPv4 address in the input box.
  4. Click Start Game to connect to the server.
  5. Wait for the Server’s response; when the Server player issues the command to start the game, you will enter the game environment.


Single Platform Demonstration and Testing Method

  1. The Server port opening method is the same as above.
  2. For the Client port, use the default IP address parameter.
Zhaoyi Song
Zhaoyi Song
Master’s Student in Software Engineering