Mobile todoMVC

Feature Implementation

Basic Features

  1. Add Todo

    Users can insert a new todo by entering information into the Input Field at the top of the interface and hitting Enter or, on iOS devices, tapping the Return key.

  2. Delete Todo

    Users can delete a todo by swiping it to the left or right.

  3. Display List

    The page provides instant feedback each time a user adds or removes a todo.

  4. Complete/Uncomplete All

    Users can mark all todos as complete or incomplete by clicking the Finish All button at the top of the interface.

  5. Delete Completed

    A Clear completed button appears at the bottom when some todo items are completed, clicking it will remove these items.

  6. Toggle todo Item Status

    Users can change a todo item’s status from incomplete to complete by clicking the checkbox to the left of an uncompleted todo, and vice versa.

Advanced Features

  1. Filter (All, Active, Completed)

    Users can filter the current Todo items by selecting a filter type at the bottom.

  2. Edit a Single todo

    Users can edit a todo by double-clicking on it.

  3. Save Page State

    The data is saved using localStorage. (Note: PUT, POST, GET, DELETE interfaces were implemented, mirroring HTTP Request Methods in a RESTful API style)

  4. Set todo Deadline

    A Date Picker next to the input field allows users to set a deadline for todo items. Items are arranged according to the proximity of their deadlines, and color-coding distinguishes the urgency.

  5. Set Custom Tags for todo

    When entering a todo, users can create a tag by typing a comma after a keyword, which automatically generates a tag distinguished by color, displayed in the list below.

  6. Text Filtering (Search + Highlight Keywords)

    Users can initiate a search by typing a character sequence starting with ? in the input field and hitting Enter. The search is case-insensitive and can locate keywords in Tags or todo text, with corresponding keywords highlighted.

  7. Dark Mode

    The interface adapts to the browser/system’s theme color (prefers-color-scheme), toggling between dark and standard modes accordingly.

Design Highlights

  1. Custom keyword entry is intuitive (separated by commas and automatically tagged, with highlighted keywords) for spotting vital information flexibly as opposed to standard high/medium/low urgency levels.
  2. Text search within the todo list (including both text and tags) is made efficient through regular expressions, with highlighted feature words using string.replace() to add highlighted <span> for quick information location.
  3. Both features operate within a single input box to consider the limited screen size of mobile devices, avoiding clutter and preserving user experience by not overloading the page with components.
  4. Swipe gestures for deletion are implemented for mobile user convenience.
  5. Emulating mobile app design, the bottom filters and top header are fixed for quick navigation, even when the list of todos grows.
  6. todo items are organized by deadline to clarify priorities.
  7. A self-invoking function (akin to a Class) in tags-input.js defines tagging and text separation, with the webpage input boxes and editable todo items below as instances, allowing the reuse of code across components with distinct functions.


  • Tags input inspired by

    • The method for tag input and deletion was particularly informative.
    • During implementation, the initialization process and event listeners (keyboard events and focus, blur events, etc.) were rewritten for integration.
  • Extensive forum consultation, including StackOverflow and stackExchange.

Feature Demonstration

Two Color Modes

(Note: Dark mode is not as well adapted, and the layout is inconsistent with light mode, so it is recommended to test in light mode on computers or phones)

Light ModeDark Mode
Light Mode
Dark Mode

Input and Deletion of Tags

Input TagConfirm Deletion of Tag
Input Tag
Delete Tag

Adding and Editing todo

Add todoEdit todo
Add todo
Edit todo

Deletion of todo

Swipe Left to DeleteSwipe Right to Delete
Swipe Left
Swipe Right

Two Filtering Methods (Text and Tags)

Text FilterTag Search
Zhaoyi Song
Zhaoyi Song
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